Well, I started out with noble goals of sharing with you all a detailed, researched article on the intricacies of Pet Insurance. You know what happened? I was totally overwhelmed with the number of companies offering a dizzying array of coverage. So I reconsidered what would be most helpful. We are all aware that health care costs can be a major challenge to giving our family pets the care we want to be able to provide.

 Diagnostic tests AND treatment options have grown dramatically over the last 20 years. As human medicine advances, these same techniques are being translated successfully into veterinary medicine. This has allowed us to provide an increasingly high quality of medicine to our companions, allowing for a better quality of life and longer life spans. This in turn enables our families to enjoy their chosen furry companions in better health and for so much longer. 

Because of this, we are seeing a trend towards insurance plans. Just like searching for the best family insurance for yourselves and your children, it is making sense to bring our family pets into that equation. 

The plans  range from Wellness Plans that cover routine procedures like vaccines to Major Medical coverage that can cover potential chronic diseases, emergencies or (potential) breed specific  conditions.

They all have different waiting periods and slightly different protocols for “pre-existing conditions”. So what do do? 

Check out this website. I was impressed with the detailed research done and there is a wealth of information available here: http://www.pet-insurance-university.com/index.html 

The major difference from human insurance, at this time, is how the payout process is handled by the individual Veterinary Hospitals. With human insurance, there is generally a co-pay (or not) and other than that, the billing is all handled by the insurance company. Currently, all the pet insurance companies reimburse the owner: meaning the family pays for the services at their family hospital,  submits the invoices to the insurance company and then receives reimbursement from the insurance company. If there are questions regarding anything on the submitted invoices, the insurance company will contact the owner to supply additional information which they can obtain from their veterinarian. 

I hope this information helps with any of you thinking about getting health insurance to support the care of your family pet. Please feel free to call us if you have any other questions that we can help you with.

Pet Insurance, Your Pet and You!